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Stone Series

The authentic look and texture of stone and the sand-swept color of aged stone are recreated in these beautiful, lightweight, low-maintenance planters.  

  • Made of durable, colorfast resin, these colors stay true, indoors or out
  • Available in Sandstone, Black Onyx and Brick, as well as custom colors
  • Ideal choice for most planting needs — inside or outside
  • Large sizes ideal for small trees and shrubs
  • Fits Clear Saucers and Panterra Saucers

  • Available in three popular colors of Sandstone, Black Onyx, and Brick
  • Punch-out drainage holes
Hanging Baskets
  • Self-watering internal saucer prevents excess watering and leaks
  • Matching hanger clips in for secure suspension
Window Boxes
  • Perfect accent for window sills and deck railings
  • Punch-out drainage holes