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Product Subcategory: Fiber-Grow-Planters


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Fiber Grow® Collection

Complement your natural surroundings with environmentally friendly Fiber Grow Containers.

  • Ideal for patios, porches, pool decks, apartments, balconies, and garden settings
  • Made from recycled paper products, these biodegradable containers can be composted into nutrient-rich bedding material
  • Insulates and allows roots to breathe for healthier plants
  • Increase retail sales with vibrant four-color labels
Fiber Grow Patio Planters
  • Many shapes and sizes, including square, shallow round, deep round, rectangular, and hexagonal
  • Fits Clear Saucers
Fiber Grow Hanging Basket
  • Two (2) sizes and styles to choose from
  • Replicates the “moss look” with less time and effort
  • Comes with sturdy hangers