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Classic Pots

With a traditional design and natural colors, Classic Pots are a timeless container for any environment. Perfect for inside or outside.

  • Wide range of sizes — 7 to 24 inches
  • Drainage holes protect plants from excess water
  • Deep Saucers complement each size planter (Pots & Saucers sold separately)

Garden Bowls

Perfect for shallow-rooted plantings and colorful annuals. Add Garden Bowls to tables, ledges, stands or posts.
  • Removable drain plugs for indoor or outdoor use

Centabella™ Urn
  • Fits most planting needs inside and outside
  • Large sizes ideal for small trees and shrubs
  • Fits Clear Saucers and Panterra Deep Saucers

Caribbean Pots

Capture the soul and style of the Caribbean with these lightweight, durable planters, which add casual elegance to every setting.
  • Graceful design accommodates a variety of plants
  • Contoured base protects plants from excess water
  • Removable drain plugs for indoor or outdoor use

Grower Pots

An economical pot for the consumer, these pots
are a mainstay in the lawn and garden industry.
  • Four sizes available
  • Fits Grower Saucers and Clear Saucers
  • Dual-drainage feature

Square & Roman Planters

The classic design of the Square Planter is a perfect addition to decks, walkways and porches.
  • Raised feet for drainage and air circulation
  • Removable drain plugs
  • Optional Square Accent Saucer for Square Planters creates a sophisticated look (Pots & Saucers sold separately)