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Product Subcategory: GreenWell-Tree-care-watering-Ring

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Available November 2014...

  • Great for Roses and Tomatoes as well
  • Provides a simple, quick and inexpensive method to apply deep watering to plants. In hot dry weather deep effective watering is so very, very important.
  • Increases the success rate of plantings
  • Saves watering time.
  • Greatly reduces the wastage of our water reserves by providing you with an extremely efficient, but very simple method of watering your plants in a manner which is friendly to the environment; whilst promoting healthier plants.
  • Concentrates water, mulch and fertilizer where it is most needed, close to the plant base.
  • Stops the scatter of mulch and fertilizer all over the garden by wind, rain or birds
  • Is easily installed and repositioned. Can be very easily moved from tree to tree.
  • Is unique because the Greenwell tree-protecting circle is easily opened and closed, so it can be placed around a tree at the time of planting or around a tree that was planted some time ago. A very versatile product.
  • Eliminates water run-off; therefore is great for sloping ground, non-wetting soils, etc. In almost all gardens, situations are common where water tends to run away from a plant base. Greenwell completely solves this problem and therefore makes watering very much easier.
  • Concentrates up to 26 liters (regular size) of water around a plant base ensuring all the water applied is made available to the tree roots.
  • Keeps lawn or grass away from tree trunk; therefore is great for lawns.
  • Is very tidy in appearance. Professional users comment on its neat, professional appearance.
  • Maintains a constant and totally efficient bowl integrity around tree trunk.
  • Guards against ponding and resulting trunk rot problems because of constant and efficient bowl integrity. Earthen bowls break down - Greenwell is permanent.
  • Guards against damage caused by line trimmers