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Recycled Plastic PotsProtect Our Planet,
Protect Our Industry…
Be Part of Our Recycling Program

When companies do their part, it protects not only the environment, but our industry too. And The HC Companies has been ahead of the curve for years, working with growers to reduce the plastics waste stream.

Since 1983, we have invested in technology to reprocess both post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into new containers. Our in-house reprocessing operations recycle more than 100 million pounds of plastic annually, a capability unlike any other manufacturer in our business!

By maintaining strict quality control, we create durable, high quality products while reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Benefits of Recycling in Our Industry:
When we recycle more than 100 million pounds of plastic, each year we…
  • Keep plastic containers and waste out of ~1.4 million cubic yards of landfill space
  • Save more than 68.0 million gallons of gas
  • Save ~262.0 million KW Hours of energy
  • Reduce oil usage by nearly 740,000 barrels
  • Create a more eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing process in our industry
  • Achieve a closed-loop supply chain for growers and retailers to recycle used containers into new containers

Learn More About Our U.S.-Based Recycling Capabilities
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We Make it Easy for you to Recycle, Reuse & Save!

Step 1:  Collect your recyclable plastic materials and sort them by type – #2 Polyethylene, #5 Polypropylene, #6 Polystyrene
Step 2:  Clean material and remove any loose debris
Step 3:  Bale or palletize products – pallets need to be stretch wrapped and stable

Step 4:  Learn more by contacting HC Companies Customer Service or your Sales Representative 

Contact a representative today about how you can get involved in our U.S.- based plastic recycling program, or our separate Canadian program – 800-225-7712 or email us.