BLOOM! campaign aims to target the younger generation

The horticulture industry looks to inspire the younger generation to train and enter the field

What consumers can do with black plastic pots

Growers rarely think about what happens once that container falls in the hands of the consumer

Are your plants dead or dormant?

You might be eager to get out and start gardening, but your plants might not be ready

Plants, trees and shrubs are the perfect gift

Be creative with your inventory and show that your plants, trees and shrubs make the perfect gift

Amazon Plant Store - what does it all mean?

In February 2018, retail giant Amazon surprised many industries – most notably the horticulture industry.

Helping to protect the pollinator community

Many don’t realize that pollinators provide pollination to over 180,000 plant species and more that 1,200 crops.

Greenhouses and social media

58% of growers now use social media for marketing directly to their customers

Garden centers use visual merchandising

Today’s garden center consumers are far more sophisticated and demanding than their ancestors

What are EcoGrow containers?

Bring your plants full circle with an eco-friendly solution composed of environmentally sustainable products

The HC Companies’ multi-million dollar investment to better serve the horticulture industry

This investment will seamlessly replace almost half of The HC Companies’ equipment fleet